Bill Brewster’s Limited Love Mix

by dom on September 4, 2008

Bill Brewster

It’s been a bit quiet on the love unlimited of late, so it’s great to kick things off again with an exclusive mix from DJ Historian Bill Brewster.

Bill runs the DJHistory website with partner-in-crime Frank Broughton. They also run regular parties under the Low Life banner and the new Secret Weapons (monthly at the Big Chill Bar, every second Thursday). DJHistory will shortly be opening a digital download store selling rare old music and collectors tracks.


42 first major project is to be Le Disco: TeleMusic & Arpadys Remixed, including edits and mixes from Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Idjut Boys, Faze Action, LeoZero, Al Kent, Mark E, Unabombers, Mudd, Pete Herbert, Bonar Bradberry, Woolfy & Shady, Foolish Felix and Phoreski.

If you want to know any of the tracks featured on this cracking mix then head over to the DJH website and start a thread in the forums and Bill just might be kind enough to share, just as long as it’s not one of his secret weapons.

*Edit after many requests for ID’s particularly on the opening tune please see below for the track list to Bill Brewster’s Limited Love Mix:

1. Johnny Nash – Why Did You Do It
2. Ekseption – The Locust (Allenby Chilton Edit)
3. Gerrie Van Noord – White Room (Allenby Chilton Edit)
4. Love Unlimited Orchestra – Hi Steppin’ Hip Dressin’ Fella
5. Leon Haywood – You Bring Out The Freak In Me
6. 3rd World Band – Disco Hop
7. Tele Music – Baby’s Band (LeoZero Edit)
8. Cornucopia – Finger Lickin’ Good (Allenby Chilton Edit)
9. Platinum Hook – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
10. Admiral Jeffries – Imagine Magic
11. Fabulous Rhinestones – Free

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Mark Rez September 10, 2008 at 1:11 am

Always love a mix that kicks off with a slowie – haven’t been able to nail the intro to this mix – but – can tell ya that it reminds me a lot of D.C. Larue’s ‘Do You Want The Real Thing’ which – for me at least – is a ‘Disco Tripping’ rhapsody par-excellence….worry not – it’ll come to me…

Some of the guitar parts later in the mix grated my ears a bit – never been a fan of one-note, tweaked guitar solos – never will be…

I remembered well the ‘Disco Hop’ cut about midway – sounds like Peter Brown / Patrick Adams track – but actually ain’t – ‘Roller Disco’ at it’s finest – vividly remember Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson spinning this on Kiss when it was a good station – about 50 years ago – Gad bless ya Trouble!!!!!! He probably bought it as a new release – him and about 2 other people..!!

Aaaah – it just came to me – it’s Tommy ‘Bump And Hustle Music’ Stewart under another guise – 3rd World Band on Tommy’s own label, Abraxas – 7″ only so far as I know but there’s probably a 12″ lurking out there in Holy Gail land – both sides are great…the 7″ also got a UK release kidz…

Platinum Hook ‘Standing On The Verge’… is also there in all it’s Motown glory – I believe Berry Gordy absolutely HATED Disco – which is why Motown were a bit (lot?) slow jumping on the Disco gravy train – think about it…

Gonna listen again this AM while I go about my interweb business and will hit y’all back later if anything else comes to mind…

Peace, out…Mark Rez

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